Can I purchase firearms at auction and have them shipped to my home?

If you bid on items that are antique, we can release the firearms to you or ship directly to you. If you are bidding on an item that is manufactured after 1898 and do not hold an FFL, we would have you fill out the standard ATF form 4473 if you live within Illinois. If you live within a contiguous state of Illinois, (i.e. Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, or Wisconsin) and are purchasing a long gun, we would also have you fill out the “yellow form” and wait the required period. Handguns must be shipped to an FFL dealer for these states, and we can help you find one if you do not use one currently. If you live outside this area, or do not fill out the ATF form 4473, we will ship to an FFL licensed dealer of your choice and they will transfer the gun to you. Be sure to check your state requirements on firearm ownership before placing a bid. If you have any questions about the ATF form 4473 or regulations on transferring firearms please contact us. While searching our website catalog, please note that above the description there is a field labeled ‘Class’ that will tell you if the firearm is antique, modern, or curio and relic.

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